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Appreciate The Line @ Tanjong Rhu from A Charmed Life styleBogota Junction Esplanade p Bugis The Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway, Bras Basah Municipal Marina, City of Raffles, Raffles Place Town Promenade at Suntec Bayfront Marina Bay Sands, Indoor Ground of Singapore, Sports Centre Ground, and Leisure Park at Tanjong Rhu Street (KPE) Marina Bay Pilot Marina’s Tennis Class is Nearby the Bay (Bay East) The Marina Bay (Bay South) Singapore Swimming Membership to Airport @ East Shore Park Mountbatten Chung Cheng High School Arang Street Mountbatten Road High School Meyer Path East Coast Parkway (ECP) Marina Coastal Expressway Marina Battery (MCE)

The Nicoll Road, East Shore Parkway, and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway are modern expressways that may bring you round the island swiftly. At the regional MRT place, you may get on a train and journey to your location in great comfort. Whether you get or use Singapore’s first-rate public transit, The Line @ Tanjong Rhu to complete comfort is drawing nearer.

Since the attractive East becomes your playground and time provides way to night, the variation between perform and enjoy becomes significantly hazy. Visit new eateries and entertainment spots in your neighborhood. Just a couple of minutes far from your wonderful house, you can enjoy in first-rate buying at state-of-the-art malls, savor mouthwatering seafood at well-known East Shore eateries, or enhance your downtime at famous locations like Marina Bay Entertainment Centre.

At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , there are many opportunities to reside the life style you want. To flake out and discharge tension, enjoy a round of golf at the Marina Bay Tennis Course or spend some time with loved ones at the neighboring East Coast beach. The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , which supplies a selection of activities, is the right illustration of the delicate tapestry of experiences.


The Architect begins with the “Line.”

The moderate of an architect starts using their vision and evolves into a form and character expression. Lines have been used by architects to show a wide variety of metaphors and representations in their own predetermined feelings since the beginning of time. We might simply identify the characteristics of a point every where, including in a drawing, picture, painting, story, seat, dining table, living room, home, bedroom, office, as well as in our own creative ideas. The composition of contextual Lines above the air, the flora, the ocean, and the connected linearity to the city are only a few examples of the natural adjustments that had a large effect on The Line @ Tanjong Rhu @ Tanjong Rhu’s aesthetic originality. Because of the architect’s innovative refurbishment, the developing is currently able to strategically inhabit its correct spot on a lawn line.

developing The Line @ Tanjong Rhu between the ocean The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , natural The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , and sky The Line @ Tanjong Rhu

A distinguished new housing progress that provides sumptuous residing is named The Line. That high-rise retire offers relaxed privacy tucked away in rich exotic flora and is conveniently situated nearby the East Coast Park seashore and Singapore’s busy city core.

Policy for First-Floor Amenities The Watchtower and Yard Reception 8 are four. 2. Pavilions amid a subject of lawn 9. Tower Among the Reflected Entrance 3. Playground with Grass Web 40 Meadow Go Major Drop-Off Patio 4. The entrance foyer’s function wall (number 41). 5. The entrance’s cascading water feature. 12. Meadow Corner No. 6 Reflected Entrance System 13. Multi-story parking framework 7. The pedestrian gate on Tanjong Rhu Road, Forest Get, and the forecourt 44

Develop an ideal balance between function and perform with wonderful landscaping that evokes photographs of paradise. The complicated is filled up with numerous eye-catching water features and waterscapes where you may relax while listening to the noise of lapping water.

The Line’s clean, uncluttered lines tell certainly one of zen living, when all the elements come together to create peace and tranquility to the individual.

Socialize with loved ones and buddies while experiencing delicious BBQ food on the terrace deck. After a long trip to perform, curl up in the jacuzzi with a relaxing dip.

You might unwind and refresh in wonderful amenities. At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , you’ll only get the best.

knowledge | Indulgence
The Bright Lay, Sky Deck Lobby 1, Air Terrace Strategy 4th Storey 1 5, Outdoor Fitness center on Water Yard Function Terrace, 6, Mcst Company 6. A cascading water feature 7. The Water Terrace’s Sky Fitness center 8. The Fantastic Lay in the Yard Bobbleheadwater The Waterfall Lounge, 10. 9. The women’s and men’s restrooms, 11. The deck in the aromatic garden 12. The Fresh Garden’s playground Number 14, the Fragrant Garden Celebration Garden, and the Fragrant Backyard Pavilion. fresh yard side court. Forest Garden’s BBQ Terrace. In the Forest Backyard, a pavilion. Waterfront Clubhouse with a Forest Jacuzzi. Yard Bar inverted. Reflective Lily Pond at Key Yard Share, Backyard, and Spa 23. The Forest Garden’s Sunlight Terrace 25. Infinity Lap Share / Sky Terrace 24. Children’s Pool at the Water Yard 26. Falling water feature on the share terrace with a linkway trellis

At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , your stressful living assumes a brand new, holistic dimension that unifies your brain, human body, and spirit.
The thoughtful preparing and style of enjoyable water parts ensures a peaceful experience. The Golden Lounge, Sunlight Backyard planes, and Yard jacuzzis are simply a number of The Line’s several cutting-edge amenities that will help you rest and revive. Your well-being is consistently at the lead of our minds.
At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , entertainment gets a brand-new coat of glamor and refinement.
The myriad of gorgeous places for socializing will help your functions keep an enduring effect and fantastic memories with your VIP visitors. Pick from a number of backyard terraces and facilities, including the Waterfall Garden Bar, Poolside Yard Sunken Lounge, White Lay, Sun Yard BBQ terrace, Club, Palm Court, Fragrant Yard Lawn, and Meadow Go, for events that call for a memorable experience.
The layout of every model follows the easy, wonderful lines of the modern facade. Step in the space that’s been meticulously constructed, with glossy lines and refined features that add to your comfort.
The Line’s contemporary flats are furnished with top-of-the-The Line @ Tanjong Rhu furnishings from reliable manufacturers. As you take in the magnificence of your magnificent abode, let its exclusivity engulf your senses.

REINFORCED CONCRETE FOUNDATION rafts, loads, or footings SUPERSTRUCTURE Grade 35-50 reinforced cement, or SS2 WALLS, made with steel reinforcing club that conforms with BS4449:2005 and Portland cement that conforms with BS12. Outside Wall Dried Wall Partition Brick Wall Concrete Wall Inner Wall Stone Or Cement Wall ROOF Square Top: A reinforced cement roof that is watertight and protected House structures: (a) I For the residing, eating, kitchens, bedrooms, examine, entrance lobby, storage, and housing, fibrous plasterboard and/or box-ups to designated components with emulsion color and/or skim coat with emulsion color are alternatives (where applicable) (ii) In the grasp bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony, read coat or moisture-resistant plasterboard and/or box-ups to specified areas with emulsion color (where applicable) (c) In Region I of the Commons For carry lobbies and hallways, emulsion color on skim fur and/or plasterboard (ii) Use emulsion color to offer multi-story parking garages a read coat. (iii) Staircases: Fibrous plasterboard, box-ups decorated with emulsion in unique sections, or even a read fur decorated with emulsion (iv) Clubhouse, Interior Fitness center, and MCST Office (where applicable) (v) Changing Rooms: Read coat or moisture-resistant plasterboard, and/or box-ups to designated amounts colored with emulsion paint (4th Storey Sky Terrace) (where applicable) WALL FINISHES (a) (1) Inner surfaces in the family area, dining area, rooms, kitchenette, entry, storage, house shelter, examine, and maid’s room for apartment devices (for System Form SA only) (Only on subjected areas and as much as the false ceiling) (ii) The master toilet has marble finishes (up to false threshold and on selected exposed places only) In all the bathrooms, homogeneous or pottery tiles are used (up to false threshold and on selected subjected places only) (iv) Clay and/or homogenous tiles, plaster, and color in the kitchen and maid’s restroom (for System Type SA only) (where applicable) (v) For private surrounded spots (PES), balconies, open-to-sky balconies, and open ceiling terraces, concrete mud plaster and/or skim coat with spray bumpy coating or emulsion color finish (up to fake limit, subjected roof and on designated exposed places only where applicable) (2) Central Wall for Popular Places I Homogeneous tiles, cement mud plaster, read fur with emulsion paint finish, first floor raise lobbies, and next floor sky terrace carry lobbies (up to fake roof and on exposed places only) (ii) Concrete mud plaster, skim coat, and/or emulsion color are typical components for carry reception structure (up to fake threshold and on exposed areas only) (iii) Club, Interior Fitness center, and MCST Office: Emulsion paint or concrete sand plaster for the skim fur (up to false ceiling and on exposed areas only) For frequent hallways and stairwells, use cement sand plaster or perhaps a read coat having an emulsion paint finish. For multi-story parking plenty and ramps, use concrete sand plaster and/or a read fur having an emulsion color finish. (vi) Bathrooms: Stone end, ceramic or homogeneous tiles, read fur by having an emulsion paint end, concrete sand plaster, or (up to fake roof and on subjected parts only) All outer surfaces, including those of the Air Terrace, Clubhouse, Gymnasium, MCST Office, balcony, and open-to-sky balcony, ought to be finished with third-class concrete mud plaster and/or skim painting with spray texture finish or emulsion paint. (b) GROUND: For residential models, inner surfaces The lobby, kitchenette, family area, and living area are all done in marble. (ii) Rooms: Timber skirting and floor (iii) Home, storage, family protection, maid’s space (for Product Type SA Only), and maid’s restroom: Most of these are made of wood. (iv) All other bathrooms have ceramic or uniform tiles, with the exception of the master toilet, that includes a marble finish. Homogeneous tiles (vi) (Only for Product Types PH1, PH2, PH3, and PH4): Balconies, open-to-sky balconies, and open roof terraces Turf, homogeneous clay tiles, or homogeneous tiles are appropriate alternatives for a personal closed room (vii) (Only for Model Forms AG & CG) (viii) External Staircases: Matching skirting and ceramic tiles or homogenous tiles (Only for System Forms PH1, PH2, PH3, & PH4) PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINISHES ARE TO THE EXPOSED SURFACE ONLY (2) For Central Surfaces — Common Parts I Frequent Corridors and Lift Lobbies An average of Found: Finishing homogeneous tiles with complementary skirting (ii) Homogeneous tiles and/or a rock end are available in the carry lobbies on the very first ground and the last floor, respectively. SPECIFICATIONS (iii) A club and gym indoors with standard tiles, a stone finish, carpet tiles, and both matching tile skirting or wood skirting. (iv) MCST Office: Carpet tiles, standard tiles, or both, with timber skirting that matches. (v) Tile nosing and concrete sand screed for staircases (3) Outside Ground Films Aspects of Sky Terrace I uniform tiles, pavers, stone clears, stone finishes, wooden decks, or turf (ii) Swimming pools with wading, lap, spa, and landscape characteristics: Clay tiles, mosaics, or homogeneous components Windows’ area, type, and material (a) The living room, living area, and room all have aluminum-framed windows with casement, sliding, repaired, or powder-coated frames. (ii) Kitchen: Casement windows with a powder-coated metal frame. Casement windows with an aluminum frame and powder-coated glass are found in bathrooms and different areas. (a) Glazing type and required depth: tinted and/or frosted glass, as appropriate. (ii) Depth in respect with requirements for qualified designers DOORS (a) The doors’ kind, structure, and placement I Leading door is a certified timber fireplace door. (ii) Timber or moving opportunities in the rooms, examine, master bathroom, and toilet (where appropriate) For System Forms PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4, C1 & SA alone, the kitchen features a slipping home or perhaps a wooden door with a glass infill section (where appropriate) Four. Balcony (where applicable) Whenever appropriate, an open ceiling terrace with a glass door with a metal figure and a balcony that people the sky. ‘v) Where appropriate, a galvanized delicate material entrance for Personal Closed Room (PES) v) PVC bi-fold door and/or slipping home in the maid’s space (for System Type SA Only). vi) PVC bi-fold home in the maid’s restroom (for Model Form SA Only). viii) Certified fire-rated timber door from the master bedroom’s outer to the normal lobby (For Device Type SA Only). (a) Glazing form and required depth: colored and/or frosted glass, as appropriate. (ii) Thickness in respect with conditions for professional designers (c) Each home should have cautiously chosen locksets and top-notch ironmongery. HYALURONIC FITTINGS one washbasin and one sink machine in the grasp bathroom one wall-hung bathroom one significant rainfall 1 hand-held bath set and 1 shower appliance 1 towel dispenser 1 towel track or 1 single fur catch a pair of bathroom machines and a bathtub (For Device Types PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 & SA only) two mirrors Various restrooms One mixer bowl and one semi-recessed pot one wall-hung toilet 1 hand-held shower set and 1 shower mixer 1 towel dispenser 1 towel track or 1 simple coat land one mirror in the maid’s space (For System Type SA only) There’s only 1 basin tap. 1 pedestal restroom Toilet Collection One 1 towel dispenser a lone kitchen reflection (except for Device Form SA) There’s one bib tap in the electricity region with the cleaning and dryer (For Unit Form SA only) 1 Bib Faucet (for washing machine) Jacuzzi and Spa Area (f) (For Device Type C-b only) Bib Tap 1 (g) Closed-Off Particular Area (PES) 1 Bib Faucet (h) Balcony and an Open-to-Sky Balcony (For Device Types C2-a on fifth storey and Model Type SA only) One of these of an start top patio is (For Product Forms PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4 only) A Bib Faucet or two (where applicable) One stainless drain with one drain tap. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION (a) All of the apartment’s electric wiring is hidden, with the exception of the wire that is exposed and operates through conduits, containers, or trunking above the halted (false) limit, within the electrical closet, and at the air conditioning equipment ledge. (A) Lighting and power retailers need the installing of major electrical wiring. Please refer to the electric timetable for more details. Factors for TV, cable, FM, and telephones Please reference the electric timetable for more details. SPECIFICATIONS FOR LIGHTNING PROTECTION SS 555 of the Singapore Standard Rule of Exercise mandates the installing of a principal lightning security system. PAINTING (a) Water-based paint must be properly used to finish interior walls. (b) Specific areas of external walls needs to have a weather-shield color finish or a textured coating. Waterproofing is necessary for many bathrooms, kitchens, kitchenettes, maid’s areas, balconies, start top terraces, individual enclosed spots (PES), planters, and R.C. flat roofs (as necessary). A driveway at the entrance and each open-air driveway: Drop-off: Cement pavers and/or rock finishes at designated entrance locations (b) (c) Concrete surfaces with reinforcement and hardener for multi-story parking garages, parking ramps, and driveways A few parking plenty and driveways are open to the sky. The leisure services include a floating club, a sky fitness center on the water terrace, a floating outdoor gymnasium, and a pool by having an endless range (estimated area : 170 sq m) Atmosphere Terrace’s Sun Deck (e) Pool and Backyard (f) (g) Share for kids in the Water Garden (h) Lily Pool in the Center of the Yard with Insights Sunken Yard Club I Children’s Playground, Backyard Bobbleheadwater, Wonderful Lounge, Meditation Terrace, White Lounge, Fresh Yard Pavilion, Fragrant Yard Terrace, Aromatic Garden Garden, and Outdoor Function Space. Forest Jacuzzi (j), Forest Yard BBQ Terrace (k), and Waterfall Lounge (m). the washrooms DADDITORIAL ITEMS (a) Kitchen units with a metal sink, a appliance, and a rock countertop or strong area worktop Vanity cupboards With the exception of the maid’s toilet in Device Form SA, each bathroom features a vanity case with a solid surface worktop or a rock countertop. Preparing gear: cooktop, range hood, and integral oven Each bedroom comes with a integrated closet. (ii) A appliance and dryer (d) Wall-mounted supporter coil products (FCU) and condensing units make-up the air con system I. (CU). (ii) Browse the air conditioning timetable for more details. (f) A water heater that provides hot water for the bathroom, kitchen, and kitchenette (g) The safety system contains automated car barriers and CCTV in specific community spaces. Entry Get a grip on Techniques in Specific Public Rooms (iii) (h) Only available on the 19th ground in Unit Type C-b. I a Individual Panel Pool for Product Form SA (estimated surface : 10 sq m) (j) Individual Lap Share for Unit Types PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4 (estimated area : 24 sqm)

* Only accessible from the Family Shelter.
A. Broadly speaking, rock completes contain marble, squeezed marble, limestone, marble, and dark marble. Generally, marble, smashed marble, limestone, granite, and rock finishes are types of normal stone components with different tonal veins. They will be colored and noted because of the complicated vitamin structure and integrated impurities. The non-uniformity between pieces and in the finishes of marble, smashed marble, limestone, stone, and other rocks can’t be completely eliminated, even though such materials can be pre-selected before installation. Before being set, marble tiles are pre-polished and installed with care. Granite, on the other give, is much tougher than marble and can not be repolished after installation. The joints might experience some variations as a result. Based on report 14.3, along with and pattern of the marble, compressed marble, limestone, marble, or rock completes picked and fitted will depend on availability. B. Timber Timber is just a obviously occurring material that’s various grains, veins, and tones. Choosing and installing components with absolutely regular shade and feed is thus impossible. Wood is vulnerable to thermal expansion and contraction, which can be away from get a grip on of the builder and the vendor. Sunshine and rain may cause normal timber used outside to become bleached. The staining preservation pattern may therefore need to be extended as required. Regardless of this disclaimer, the Supplier will probably be solely accountable for performing its obligations below clauses 9 and 17. To keep the air-con program in prime functioning issue, the Purchaser should regularly repair and clear it. Gas receiving, filter cleaning, and condensate tube removing are required for this. It is advised that the purchaser employ a contractor of their choosing to transport out standard maintenance on the air conditioning system. D. Having usage of cable television, the internet, or tv The purchaser will result in paying all annual charges, membership charges, and any expenses that may be as a result of television, cable tv, and/or websites vendors, in addition to some other applicable parties or appropriate authorities. In order to organize a service relationship due to their certain programs or internet access, the Vendor is not responsible for getting touching the aforementioned parties. E. Resources, Fixtures, Equipment, Devices, and Completes At the mercy of clause 14.3 and the manufacturer, shade, and product specified, all products, fittings, gear, finishes, installations, and appliances to be provided will be provided at the mercy of the Architect’s collection and market availability. F. The placement of the door chimes, intercoms, FM items, cupboards, lover coil products, electrical outlets, TV, information, and phone retailers, as well as the plaster roof boards. Wardrobes, home cabinets, supporter coil items, electric items, TV shops, information outlets, telephone shops, door chime factors, intercom details, FM factors, home swing roles, plaster limit panels, and the architect’s ultimate style and judgment may all be used in to account. warranties G. When the seller transfers empty possession of the unit to the client, the seller can allocate any guarantees given by manufacturers, vendors, technicians, or the designers of any devices or gear that were mounted at the system by the vendor. The Merchant will remain solely responsible for carrying out its obligations below paragraphs 9 and 17 regardless of this assignment. H. Site for the housing development The Seller may possibly choose a service company for the Housing Project’s on the web site once the Management Firm is set up, and the Consumer is going to be required to pay an annual cost, membership price, and other cost to that provider. a false threshold The provision of false limit place afford them the ability to put in and work M&Elizabeth services effectively. Reach sections are put to create it simple to gain access to hidden M&E gear for typical maintenance. Focus on the threshold will be expected if gear elimination is required. The installation of the fake threshold will be at the exclusive and complete discretion of the architect. J. Glass. Glass is just a manufactured excellent that’s neither fully genuine nor free of impurities. Such pollutants are difficult to locate. Any kind of glass from any producer may spontaneously break, and this is due to unseen dime sulphide particles. Glass may also break or break because of injuries, influences, and other circumstances. To protect this theoretical predicament, it is sensible that the customer include glass breakage insurance for their homeowner’s insurance. Regardless of the foregoing waiver, the Dealer shall stay solely accountable for doing their obligations under paragraphs 9 and 17. K. Planters The planters are just designed to hold the weight of potted plants; number earth, turf, or plants is likely to be presented for them. L. Wall All wall finishes must come to an end at the faux ceiling level. There won’t be any tiles or stonework on the surfaces behind your kitchen cupboards, mirror, or mirror. M. Tiles Because they are not great, some hardwood dimensions and surface flatness are restricted to the acceptable selection given in Singapore Criteria SS 483: 2000. Cb SA |PH1 |PH2] PH3 |PH4 |C1 c2 DATELINE FOR AIR-CONDITIONERS UNIT TYPES Wall-mounted lover case (FCU) (FCU) dinners and living One bedroom, two bedrooms, three rooms, and four rooms Examine Please be encouraged that the place and specifications of the common house, the recreation services, the description of the normal property, and the descriptions of the parking areas are subject to alter as a result of mandatory exchange of some of the popular property of the housing project.

Home development and expense firm Lakeview Opportunities Pte. Ltd. could be the name of the company. It’s entirely held by YMC Holdings Ltd., a diverse organization with experience in the lodge, discretion, and property growth sectors. One of many great triumphs was the founding of the multi-award-winning Lakeview Golf Club and Lakeview Tennis Villa. The YMC desires to grow and diversify their regional organization operations. Lakeview aspires to make high-end store apartments in Singapore that have a unique personality by utilizing revolutionary, inventive, and ecologically responsible design principles.

Handle for the project is 6 Tanjong Rhu Road, The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , Singapore 436883. The developer is Lakeview Investments Pte Ltd. The certificate number for the house development is C0939. It is freehold property.
Appropriate explanations for the Tanjong Rhu Street plenty 03861W, 03862V, and 07366V Mk 25 study as follows: (Kallang Preparing Area) – TOP is planned for December 12, 2016, and legitimate completion is scheduled for December 12, 2019.

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