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The Line@Tanjong Rhu Floor Plan available in PDF.

Savour A Charmed Lifestyle’s The Line @ Tanjong Rhu
Bugis Junction Bugis Esplanade Bras Basah Municipal Marina Town of Raffles Raffles Position Town Promenade at Suntec Bayfront Marina Bay Sands Nicoll Highway Indoor Arena of Singapore Sports Heart Stadium Leisure Park at Tanjong Rhu Road Old Airport Road Food Center, Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) Tennis Course at Marina Bay Pilot Marina Nearby the Bay (Bay East) The Bay at Marina (Bay South) Mountbatten Chung Cheng High School Arang Path Mountbatten Path High School Meyer Path Singapore Swimming Membership to Airport @ East Coast Park Marina Barrage East Shore Parkway (ECP) Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)
Contemporary expressways which will get you around the area easily range from the Nicoll Road, East Shore Parkway, and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway. You can panel a teach at the neighboring MRT station and travel in great comfort to your destination. The Line @ Tanjong Rhu to ultimate ease is getting closer whether you push or take advantage of Singapore’s first-rate community transportation.
The lines between work and perform progressively blur whilst the lovely East becomes your playground and time gives solution to night. Take a trip in town to investigate new food and activity options. Appreciate first-rate looking at cutting-edge malls, delect tasty seafood at popular East Coast eateries, or enhance your leisure time at world-famous locations like Marina Bay Amusement Centre—all only minutes from your impressive home.
The possibilities to live the lifestyle you want are considerable at The Line. Enjoy a circular of golf at the Marina Bay Golf Program to relax and alleviate pressure, or spend some time with loved ones at the nearby East Shore beach. The Line @ Tanjong Rhu is the best illustration of the complex tapestry of activities, giving many different activities.THE LINE OF DISTINCTION, EXPERIENCE IT.
The “Line” is where in fact the Architect starts.
The starting place for an architect’s moderate is their creativity, which evolves into an term of variety and personality. Since the start, architects have employed lines expressing a wide range of metaphors and representations within their very own preconceived ideas. Everywhere, including in a pulling, an image, a painting, a story, a couch, a table, a full time income room, a home, a bedroom, a company, or even in our own creative brains, we could readily find the top features of a line. The normal environments, such as the structure of contextual Lines over the air, the greenery, the sea, and the connective linearity to the town, had a significant impact on the creative inventiveness of The Line @ Tanjong Rhu @ Tanjong Rhu. The developing has become able to logically occupy their proper place on the floor The Line @ Tanjong Rhu as a result of the architect’s ground-breaking renovation.
Beach The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , Natural The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , and Sky The Line @ Tanjong Rhu Establishing The Line @ Tanjong Rhu
The Line @ Tanjong Rhu is a well-known new property complex that gives opulent living. This high rise refuge, which is adjacent to the East Coast Park seashore and has comfortable access to Singapore’s lively town center, presents serene solitude tucked away in rich exotic flora.
First-floor Amenities Approach 4. Garden Lobby 8 and the Watchtower 2. Pavilions in a grassy maze 9. Reflected Entrance System One 3. Playground with Grass Web Main Drop-Off Porch 40 Field Walk 4. 41. Feature Wall in the Entrance Foyer 5. Cascading water function at the entrance. 12. Mirrored Entrance System 2 Meadow Part No. 6 13. Multistory Parking Garage 7. Tanjong Rhu Street pedestrian entrance, Forest Drive, and Forecourt
Achieve the ideal harmony between function and discretion with attractive landscaping that conjures up photos of paradise. Numerous distinct water functions and waterscapes are dispersed round the progress, wherever you may curl up to the sound of lapping water.
At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , the distinct, clean lines conjure up images of zen residing, where all the weather work together to provide one peace and tranquillity.
At the terrace deck, socialize with family and buddies while indulging in mouthwatering BBQ fare. Have a peaceful bathe in the jacuzzi to relax after a extended time of work.
Wonderful features make it possible for you really to relax and recharge. Just the very best are available at The Line.

indulgence | Knowledge Atmosphere Terrace Foyer 1, Sky Terrace Plan 4th Storey 1, and The White Lay 5, Floating Outdoor Gymnasium 6, Mcst Company 7, Garden Purpose Deck 6. Water function that cascades 7. Atmosphere Gym at Water Terrace 8. Fantastic Lounge at Backyard Bobbleheadwater 10. The Waterfall Lay 9. Male/Female Changing Space 11, Terrace in a Fresh Yard 12, Playground in the Aromatic Backyard Fresh Garden Celebration Garden, Fragrant Yard Pavillion, and quantity fourteen. Yard Palm Judge with fragrance. BBQ Terrace in the Forest Garden. Pavillion in the Forest Garden. Club on the Water, Forest Jacuzzi. Inverted Garden Bar. Lily Lake Reflective at Main Yard 22. Pool Yard Bobbleheadwater 23. Sun Deck in the Forest Yard 25. Sky Terrace / Infinity Panel Pool 24. Water Backyard Children’s Share 26. Share Deck Water Function With Slipping Water Linkway Trellis

THE GOLDEN LOUNGE AT SKY TERRACE Your frantic existence becomes a brand new holistic dimension at The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , which harmonizes one’s brain, human anatomy, and spirit. A peaceful experience is fully guaranteed by the complete planning and style of relaxing water elements. Curl up and rejuvenate at The Line’s many cutting-edge amenities, including the Wonderful Lounge, Sunlight Backyard jets, and Yard jacuzzis. Our vision is always based on your wellbeing.

BLACK LOUNGE At The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , amusement acquires a fresh coat of beauty and glitz.
Your activities can provide an enduring affect and incredible thoughts along with your VIP visitors because of the abundance of exceptional venues to socialize. For functions that demand an remarkable knowledge, select among garden terraces and services such as the Waterfall Backyard Club, Poolside Garden Sunken Lounge, Bright Lay, Sun Garden BBQ terrace, Clubhouse, Hand Judge, Aromatic Garden Garden, and Field Walk. The current facade’s modern, elegant lines carry on through the entire design of every and every apartment. Enter an area that’s been meticulously developed, with modern lines and simple decorations that enhance your comfort.
The modern apartments at The Line @ Tanjong Rhu are adorned with top quality, cutting-edge fixtures from well-known manufacturers. Have the exclusivity of one’s extravagant house engulf your feelings as you bask in their opulence.

FOUNDATION strengthened concrete footings, rafts, or piles SUPERSTRUCTURE Grade 35-50 strengthened concrete created using BS12-compliant Portland cement and BS4449:2005-compliant steel reinforcing club, or SS2 WALLS Outside Wall Concrete Wall Or Brick Wall Or Dried Wall Partition Central Wall Concrete Wall Or Brick Wall ROOF Square Top: strengthened cement top with padding and waterproofing CEILING Residence products: (a) I Fibrous plasterboard and/or box-ups to designated portions with emulsion color and/or skim coat with emulsion paint for the living, eating, kitchenette, rooms, study, entrance foyer, storage, and family shelter (where applicable) (ii) Read coat or moisture-resistant plasterboard and/or box-ups to selected places with emulsion color in the master toilet, toilet, kitchen, and balcony (where applicable) (c) In the Common Area I Skim coat and/or plasterboard with emulsion paint for raise lobbies and corridors (ii) Read fur multi-story parking garages with emulsion paint (iii) Staircases: Fibrous plasterboard and/or box-ups to picked parts with emulsion color and/or read coat with emulsion color (iv) Club, Gym (Indoor), and MCST Office (where applicable) (v) Changing Rooms: Skim fur or moisture-resistant plasterboard and/or box-ups to designated pieces with emulsion color (4th Storey Air Terrace) (where applicable) FINISHES WALL (a) (1) For apartment devices, inner walls in these parts: family room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchenette, entrance foyer, storage, house shelter, examine, and maid’s room (for Device Type SA only) (up to fake roof and on subjected areas only) (ii) Marble end in the grasp toilet (up to fake ceiling and on selected subjected places only) (iii) Homogeneous or pottery tiles in all the bathrooms (up to false threshold and on designated exposed parts only) (iv) Home and maid’s restroom: ceramic and/or homogeneous tiles, plaster, and paint (for Product Form SA only) (where applicable) (v) Cement sand plaster and/or skim fur with spray textured covering or emulsion paint end for individual closed space (PES), balconies, open-to-sky balconies, and open roof terraces (up to false roof, subjected threshold and on selected exposed parts just where applicable) (2) For Common Parts — Central Wall I First Storey Raise Lobbies and 4th Storey Sky Terrace Lift Lobbies: Ceramic and/or Homogeneous Tiles and/or Concrete Sand Plaster and/or Read Fur with Emulsion Color Finish (up to false limit and on subjected parts only) (ii) Normal lift lobby materials include concrete mud plaster, skim fur, and/or emulsion color (up to false roof and on exposed places only) (iii) Club, Indoor Gym, and MCST Company: Skim fur with emulsion color and/or concrete sand plaster (up to false ceiling and on exposed parts only) (iv) Cement sand plaster and/or skim fur by having an emulsion paint end for popular corridors and staircases (v) Cement mud plaster and/or a read coat having an emulsion color end for multi-story car parks and ramps (vi) Bathrooms: Skim coat having an emulsion paint end; porcelain or homogeneous tiles; rock finish; concrete sand plaster; or (up to false limit and on exposed areas only) Outside wall finishes, next Concrete mud plaster and/or read fur with apply structure finish or emulsion paint end on all outer walls, including these of the Atmosphere Terrace, Clubhouse, Gymnasium, MCST Company, balcony, and open-to-sky balcony. (b) GROUND: (1) Inner floors for apartment models I living room, dining area, kitchenette, and lobby: completed in marble with marble skirting (ii) Rooms: Timber skirting and flooring (iii) The kitchen, storage, protection for family members, maid’s room (for Unit Type SA Only), and maid’s restroom: (iv) The grasp toilet features a marble end (v) All other bathrooms have porcelain or homogeneous tiles. Homogeneous tiles (vi) Balconies, Open-to-Sky Balconies, and Start Ceiling Terraces (Only for Product Forms PH1, PH2, PH3, and PH4): Turf, homogeneous porcelain tiles, or homogeneous tiles (vii) Individual Surrounded Space: Clay Tiles, Homogeneous Tiles, or Turf (Only for Unit Forms AG & CG) (viii) Additional Staircases: Clay tiles and/or homogeneous tiles with matching skirting (Only for Unit Forms PH1, PH2, PH3, & PH4) ALL FINISHES ARE TO EXPOSED SURFACE ONLY, PLEASE NOTE (2) For Common Places — Inner Floors I Normal Carry Lobbies and Common Corridors: Homogeneous tiles finish with matching skirting (ii) First Storey Raise Lobbies and Last Storey Sky Terrace Raise Lobbies: Homogeneous tiles and/or Stone end SPECIFICATIONS (iii) Interior clubhouse and gymnasium with homogeneous tiles, a stone finish, rug tiles, and both corresponding hardwood skirting or timber skirting (iv) MCST Office: Carpet tiles or homogeneous tiles with matching skirting made from wood or both. (v) Staircases: Tile nosing and concrete sand screed (3) Exterior Floor Finishes I Sky Terrace Areas: Homogeneous Tiles or Pavers or Stone Rinse or Stone End or Timber Deck or Turf (ii) Wading Share, Lap Share, Nielsthomas1 Share, and Landscape Pools: Mosaics or Homogeneous or Clay Tiles WINDOWS (a) Spot, kind, and product of windows I Casement, sliding, repaired, or powder-coated aluminum-framed windows in the family area, living area, and bedroom (ii) Kitchen: Casement windows with an aluminum body which have been powder coated Bathrooms and utility: Casement windows with an aluminum frame that have been dust coated (b) Form of glazing and minimum width: I Wherever relevant, colored and/or frosted glass. (ii) Thickness in accordance with qualified engineer requirements DOORS (a) The sort, product, and located area of the opportunities I The main door: a certified fire-rated wood home (ii) The rooms, study, master bathroom, and bathroom: a wood home and/or falling home (where appropriate) (iii) Home: slipping home or even a timber home with a glass infill section (for Unit Types PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4, C1 & SA only) (where appropriate) 4. Balcony (where applicable) Where proper, an start roof terrace with a powder-coated metal framed glass door and an open-to-sky balcony. ‘v) Galvanized mild steel gate for Personal Enclosed Space (PES), as applicable v) Maid’s Space (For System Form SA Only): PVC bi-fold home and/or sliding door vi) Maid’s Bathroom (For System Type SA Only): PVC bi-fold home viii) Master Bedroom outside home to provided foyer region: authorized fire-rated wood door (For Device Form SA Only). (b) Kind of glazing and minimal depth: I Where appropriate, tinted and/or frosted glass. (ii) Width in accordance with qualified engineer needs (c) All opportunities will need to have hand-picked locksets and ironmongery of the highest quality. HYGIENE FITTINGS Grasp toilet (a) one washbasin, and one sink equipment One Wall Put WC One large downpour 1 bath mixer and 1 hand-held bath set 1 paper towel owner 1 Gown land and/or 1 simple towel track One bath tub and one bathroom equipment couple (For Model Types PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 & SA only) One reflection Other restrooms 1 basin equipment and 1 semi-recessed basin One Wall Installed WC 1 shower equipment and 1 hand-held bath set 1 report towel dish 1 Robe catch and/or 1 single towel train One mirror maid’s restroom (For Unit Type SA only) One basin, one container tap. 1 pedestal bathroom Bath Collection One 1 paper towel dish 1 Kitchen Mirror (except for Model Type SA) One bib tap for the combined washer/dryer power space (For Unit Type SA only) Bib Tap 1 (for cleaning machine) Nielsthomas1 and Jacuzzi Region (f) (For Product Type C-b only) 1 Bib Tap (g) Surrounded Individual Place (PES) Open-to-Sky Balcony and 1 Bib Touch (h) Balcony (For System Types C2-a on fifth storey and System Form SA only) Start top terraces are one Bib Touch I (For Model Types PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4 only) A couple of Bib Sinks (where applicable) 1 drain manufactured from metal, with 1 drain tap. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION (a) Electrical wiring in the house may usually be hidden, with the exception of the wiring that goes subjected in conduits, containers, or trunking above the suspended (false) limit, within the electric closet, and at the ac ledge. (a) There must be principal electrical wiring fitted for power sites and lighting. For more information, see the electric schedule. TV, wire, FM, and phone details To learn more, see the electrical schedule. LIGHTNING PROTECTION SPECIFICATIONS According to Singapore Typical Code of Training SS 555, a key lightning security program should be installed. PAINTING (a) Interior walls must have a water-based paint finish (b) Selected areas on outside walls should have a textured level or weather-shield paint finish. Bathrooms, kitchens, kitchenettes, maid’s groups, balconies, open ceiling terraces (for system types PH1, PH2, and PH3 & PH4 only), individual closed rooms (PES), planters, and R.C. flat roofs (where appropriate) should all be waterproofed. (a) The entrance driveway and all open-air driveways: Drop-off: Concrete paver and/or rock finish at particular locations for the entrance (b) (c) Driveways, parking ramps, and multi-story parking garages: cement ground with support and hardener NOTE: Some driveways and parking lots are open to the sky. A flying clubhouse, a air gym on the water terrace, a flying outside fitness center, and a pool by having an infinite depth constitute the recreational features (estimated area : 170 sq m) Sunlight Terrace on Air Terrace (e) Garden Spa Share (f) (g) Children’s Share in the Water Backyard (h) Lily Pool with Reflections in Key Backyard Sunken Garden Bar I Forest Jacuzzi (j), Forest Backyard BBQ Terrace (k), and Waterfall Lounge (m) Children’s Playground, Backyard Bobbleheadwater, Wonderful Lay, Meditation Deck, Bright Lay, Fragrant Backyard Pavilion, Aromatic Yard Deck, Aromatic Garden Garden, and Outdoor Function Place (t) the restrooms DADDITORIAL ITEMS (a) Kitchen units home cabinets with a rock counter or solid surface worktop, a stainless steel sink, and a appliance Vanity cupboards (b) Every toilet has a vanity case with a great area worktop or a rock counter, with the exception of the maid’s toilet in System Type SA. Cooking tools: built-in oven, selection cover, and stovetop One integrated closet is provided in each bedroom. (ii) Washing machine/Dryer (d) The air-con process I consists of wall-mounted lover coil models (FCU) and condensing products (CU). (ii) To learn more, begin to see the air conditioning equipment schedule. (f) Water Heater provision of hot water to the kitchen, toilet, and kitchenette (g) Auto car barriers and CCTV at selected popular parts constitute the safety system. Access Get a handle on Methods in Certain Common Areas (iii) (h) Just obtainable in System Type C-b on the 19th floor. I For Product Type SA, a Individual Lap Share (estimated surface area : 10 sq m) (j) Personal Lap Pool for PH1, PH2, PH3 & PH4 Unit Types (estimated surface : 24 sqm)

* Available only at the House Shelter.
SPECIFICATION NOTES A. In most cases, marble, compressed marble, limestone, granite, and rock finishes Generally speaking, organic rock resources with different tonal veins is found in marble, smashed marble, limestone, granite, and rock finishes. For their complicated nutrient structure and incorporated impurities, they’ll have shade and marks. While such components may be pre-selected before installment, non-uniformity between parts and in the finishes of marble, smashed marble, limestone, marble, and other stones can’t be absolutely prevented. Marble tiles have now been carefully fitted and are pre-polished before being laid. Granite, on one other give, can’t be re-polished following installment since it is a significantly tougher rock than marble. As a result, some modifications might be felt at the joints. The tone and design of the marble, squeezed marble, limestone, granite, or rock completes plumped for and installed, subject to report 14.3, shall be subject to availability. Wood, B. Wood is a normally occurring substance with cereals, veins, and tonal variations. Consequently, it’s impossible to select and install resources with absolutely regular color and grain. Beyond the get a grip on of the builder and owner, wood can be vunerable to temperature growth and contraction. Natural timber applied external can be bleached consequently of sunshine and precipitation. As a result, the discoloration preservation pattern will need to be lengthened as necessary. Not surprisingly disclaimer, the Dealer is likely to be entirely liable for fulfilling their tasks under clauses 9 and 17. Program of air conditioning The Consumer must frequently restoration and clear the air-conditioning system to ensure it’s in outstanding running order. This entails gasoline charging, filter washing, and condensate tube clearing. It is recommended that the buyer hire their possess contractor to do routine preservation on the ac system. D. Use of the net, wire tv, or tv The buyer is in charge of paying the tv screen, cable television, and/or online sites vendors, as well as any other essential parties or applicable authorities, annual fees, subscription costs, and different fees as may be required. The Merchant is not liable for contacting some of the aforementioned events to set up a site connection for their unique stations or internet access. E. Materials, Fittings, Devices, Finishes, and Gear All resources, fittings, gear, finishes, installations, and appliances to be equipped will be provided at the mercy of the Architect’s choice and industry availability, at the mercy of clause 14.3 and the company, shade, and model as stated. F. The agreement of the wardrobes, cupboards, lover coil models, electrical factors, TV, information, and telephone stores, along with the keeping of the doorway chimes, intercoms, FM factors, and plaster threshold panels Architect’s final judgment and design is likely to be considered in regards to the keeping wardrobes, home cabinets, fan coil models, electric details, TV sites, knowledge retailers, phone shops, door chime items, intercom points, FM details, door swing positions, and plaster ceiling boards. G. Warranties Wherever suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, or manufacturers of any equipment or devices fitted by the Vendor at the Unit give guarantees, the Merchant will allocate these warranties to the Shopper during the time that vacant possession of the System is passed to the Purchaser. Despite this assignment, the Seller will still be totally liable for fulfilling their responsibilities below clauses 9 and 17. H. The property project’s site Once the Management Business is started, the Vendor might select a company for the Housing Project’s web website, and the Purchaser will be required to pay an annual charge, membership fee, and other cost compared to that provider. Fake Threshold |. The provision of fake roof place enables the installment and optimum function of M&E services. Access sections are situated to ensure that hidden M&E gear can be easily used for schedule cleaning. When equipment removal is important, limit work will soon be needed. The final design and full discretion of the architect will govern the keeping the artificial ceiling. Glass, J. Glass is really a manmade product that is neither entirely genuine nor totally without contaminants. It’s tough to locate such contaminants. Spontaneous glass breaking, which could happen with any type of glass from any producer, might be brought on by hidden dime sulphide impurities. Glass may also crack or shatter consequently of accidents, influences, and other factors. It is advised that the customer acquire glass harm insurance on their homeowner’s insurance to cover that potential scenario. Despite this disclaimer, the Merchant is likely to be totally liable for fulfilling its jobs under clauses 9 and 17. Planters, K. You will have no land, turf, or crops presented in the planters; they are solely designed to support the running of potted plants. L. Wall The phony ceiling level ought to be the conclusion of wall finishes. The walls behind the kitchen units, vanity case, and mirror won’t have any tiles or stonework. M. Tiles Selected tile styles and hardwood area flatness are at the mercy of the permissible range specified in Singapore Requirements SS 483: 2000 because they can not be flawless. Cb C1 c2 SA |PH1 |PH2] PH3 |PH4 AIR-CONDITIONER SCHEDULE UNIT TYPES Fan Cabinet Mounted to the Wall (FCU) Eating and living Room one Room two Bedroom three Bedroom four Study Please know that due to the necessary purchase of some of the housing project’s common property, the located area of the popular home and their specifications, the recreation facilities, the description of the common property, and the descriptions of the parking areas are at the mercy of change.

the business Lakeview Investments Pte.
House growth and investment firm Lakeview Opportunities Pte. Ltd. It’s completely owned by the varied party YMC Holdings Ltd., which includes experience in the hospitality, discretion, and real estate progress industries. The establishment of the multi-award-winning Lakeview Tennis Club and Lakeview Tennis Villa is one of the significant accomplishments. The goal of YMC is to produce and broaden their company operations in the area. By utilizing special, creative, and environmentally conscious architectural concepts, Lakeview seeks to generate high-end boutique apartments in Singapore that have a distinct identity.

The Line @ Tanjong Rhu , project title No. 6 Tanjong Rhu Path, Singapore 436883 could be the handle for the project. Lakeview Investments Pte Ltd could be the developer. The housing developer’s certificate number is C0939. The area is freehold.
Plenty 03861W, 03862V, and 07366V Mk 25 at Tanjong Rhu Street are explained legally as (Kallang Planning Area) – TOP is anticipated that occurs on December 12, 2016, and legal completion is expected that occurs on December 12, 2019.

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